Serving Residential Sales & Relocation Clients in the Broad Boston Metro Market Area
Mehr & Brandon Tabassi

Serving Residential Sales & Relocation Clients in the Broad Boston Metro Market Area
30 Years of Real Estate Experience


5 U.n.Amighi

We honestly could not have found a better agent to work with when we purchased our home. Mehr Tabassi is a true professional and she wants to be sure that the house you purchase is perfect for your needs. She lives in the area and knows the neighborhoods well. She did not give up on us when we asked to see more homes. Mehr is honest, kind, patient and attentive. She was always available to meet with us and bring us to a new listing. We still love our home. Give Mehr a chance to earn your business and you will be delighted!

5 halehfardi9

We have purchased multiple houses with Mehr over the last 19 years. My favorite house was in Andover and I wanted her to make an offer for me sight unseen. She knew how much I wanted the house. Yet, she made me wait . . .walk through the house . . . and made sure I got the best price possible. It is still a favorite home of mine and I still get homesick for it. It is a strange process the purchasing of a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars after only a 45 minute walk through. Mehr knew which neighborhoods to show me, what style of house would fit my personal style and needs and most importantly the patience and care it requires. I trust Mehr implicitly. Not just with a house purchase . . but her integrity and subsequent transactions are the reasons she is one of the most valued relationships I have.

5 mgmesinger

I would unequivocally recommend this real estate team. Once I decided to sell this property, I received a detailed market analysis, which Mehr used to set an asking price. Although the price was higher than the comparable sales, she was comfortable with having room for negotiation without scaring off potential buyers. She went through the home, and was not above rolling up her sleeves and adding a little “spit and polish” prior to taking the photos to be included in the marketing campaign. After the first open house we received a full price cash offer, which was beyond my expectations. The negotiations for the P & S could not have been smoother because of her keen negotiating skills, and the closing went smoothly as well. I would never use any other team to buy or sell property.

5 user9937757

We used Mehr Tabassi to sell our home on Berkeley Road and purchase home on Thistle Road in North Andover, MA few years ago. Mehr was simply outstanding. She spent hours answering our questions providing objective data regarding market conditions and trends. Mehr made selling process very easy for us. She gave us many tips on how to make our home to look attractive for potential buyers. As a result, we were able to sell our house in a reasonable time for the price we wanted. Mehr was also very instrumental finding a new house according to our needs, negotiating purchase price for us and closing the deal. In summary, Mehr is very knowledgeable, responsive and professional. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a house!

5 massachusetts2345

Mehr sold our family house several years ago. I know that she and her team have gone on to be one of the top brokers in the area since. She has a very elegant way about her- yet her negotiation skills are second to none. I very truly recommend her.

5 marshall56a

The only word to describe Mehr is professional. I have been working as a corporate executive for all of my career. I am used to that level of polish and professionalism. I found the right Realtor. Not only is Mehr professional but she is caring and kind. She wanted to make sure that we got every dollar we could for the sale of our home, and she did. We had several realtors come to our home and do a market analysis. What I later learned was that they were just trying to sell my home and move on to the next deal. Mehr got us more money than all of them said they could, even though it meant she did several open houses for us while she had several other listings. Now that is professionalism.

5 andoverpropertyinvest

We have bought and sold many properties with Mehr over the years; myself, and several members of my family. I can say unequivocally, that if it were not for Mehr’s negotiating skills, we would not have been able to get the properties for the prices that we did. Before Mehr, we used another very big name Realtor in town; she wasn’t able to do half of what Mehr could. In this case, she got the property for much below the asking price. Also; she let us know about it the same day that it came on the market; we were the first showing. Agility is key, and Mehr Tabassi is agile. We will never work with anyone other than Mehr.

5 sullivan19654

Everything about the purchase of this home with Mrs. Tabassi went smoothly and well. Mrs. Tabassi has a way of dealing with matters, that is something unlike I have ever seen; I have worked as a physician for many years and am used to difficult situations. When there was a problem with the seller wanting to back out of our deal- mid-deal- because the seller had gotten a higher offer from another realtor, Mrs. Tabassi swiftly reminded the listing realtor of the contract that we had and the ethical ramifications of it. Needless to say, that problem was solved. Also, Mrs. Tabassi helped a neighbor of ours sell their home two years after we bought this home with her, and they had the same thing to say about her. 5 stars well deserved.

5 thomaskemp731

Thank you Mehr for what you did for us. She was very patient, and helped us look at many homes before we bought this one. She didn’t give up on us, when anyone else would have. She sent us a list of the best deals on the market every week ( which was how often we had asked to see the list since we were so busy with work). She knew how busy we were, so she didn’t call to push any of the houses unless she thought that it was the right match- and for the right price. 3 times is a charm. The third time that she called to “push” a house, we went to see it, and fell in love with it. We put an offer on it right away, and thanks to Mehr, it was accepted. She has a great instinct, and a great work ethic.

5 alumnibrooks87

What my wife and I appreciate most about Mehr is that she is not there to sell you on anything. Not a property, not herself, not her company. She is there to listen, connect with you as a human being, and then get you the best deal that she possibly can. In this case, she did do all of the above. Mehr ended up negotiating the price of the property down to the point that the builder even lost a little bit of money on it. When we told our neighbors how much we paid for our home, they were surprised. She told us to be patient, and we listened to her, even though we were anxious to move in. Boy, are we glad that we listened. I don’t know what she does, but the people we have referred her to had the same experience with her, and they sold their home with her. She is an A level real estate Agent.

5 williamson9518

Mehr is a broker in every sense of the word, because she truly brokers deals. We have referred her to three other friends, two of them she sold their home, and one of them she helped them buy a home. In every transaction that I am mentioning, my friends thought that they got the bigger half of the stick because of Mehr’s knowledge and her brokering skills. In the case of this review, Mehr helped us buy a home for our son, who had just returned from grad shool- and who recently got engaged. Mehr seems to have a sixth sense, an instinct that cannot be described, because the first home she showed us to buy for him, we loved, he loved, and we put an offer on: for way below the asking price. We didn’t think they would come down that low, but guess what: Our offer was accepted. Only with Mehr.

5 Irelandhomeland645

We had interviewed several of the real estate broker in Andover to sell our home, but none of them were as lovely or as forthcoming as Mehr. She sold our house for higher than 2 of them had said they could get for it. The thing we remember the most about her was that she was very caring, and very patient. She took the time to explain each and every clause in every contract, and gave us time to think things through when we weren’t certain. When there was a delay with the bank, Mehr quickly took matters into her own hands, and resolved the problem. We are very grateful for the time and energy that she put for us, and we will never forget the recipe she gave us for the saffron rice!

5 johnramsey154

Mehr and her son have become one of the area’s best Real Estate teams, or so we have heard from a few of our friends who are real estate attorneys in Andover. Mehr sold our home, for the amount we wanted. She had an offer for us within days, and she did her very best to make sure that the offer was up to our standards before we accepted it. Thanks to her, we also got the closing date that we wanted, and she had the buyers change it. It really helps when you have someone who knows the details of what he or she is doing, as that can make or break the case or argument. With Mehr, no detail is left undiscovered or unexplored. We recommend her to all and thank her for everything she did for us.

5 andoverhockey238

Mehr found us the house of our dreams! We were looking for something exactly like this, but every time we saw something that was good, it was overpriced or too old. When Mehr found the exact house that we were looking for, and found out there were other offers on it, she used some creativity to demonstrate that ours was in fact a cash off, and ours ended up being the one that was accepted. We have looked into the value of selling our home now, one year later, and found that we can get significantly more for it. Brandon has done a very beautiful market analysis on the price of our home, and we will be doing more business with Mehr and Brandon in the spring!

5 jennamckinley81

We had been recommended to use Mehr as our Real Estate Broker, in the sale of our home in North Andover, by a coworker of my husband’s. She was just fantastic. From day one, things ran smoothly and were explained in great detail to my husband and I. One thing that we remember is that Mehr was very organized, even in terms of the contracts, etc., Mehr made copies of everything, put different contracts in different colored folders, with a page of detailed typed notes on top, etc. etc. She is a perfectionist, is what I have observed. We had multiple offers shortly after she put the house on the market, and everything from then on went smoothly. Even after the inspection, when the buyer’s wanted to renegotiate severl thousand dollars, Mehr justified to them that the defect was not worth more than 500 dollars, and saved us money, and time. A++

5 rowlandfinancials239

I am very happy and pleased with the service I received from this real estate broker. She sold our house in under a month, for the price that we had asked for. She also sold our neighbor’s house before, for the price which they had asked for. Her recommendation for attorney was excellent, as was her recommendation for a handyman to do some minor repairs before we put our home on the market. We have since bought another house with Mehr, and are very happy in our new home as well. She is so nice, and always has a smile on her face. She even brought me a cake before I moved from this house, because she had remembered that it was my birthday. I didn’t know Mehr before she was my realtor, but she will always be my friend going forward.

5 brownrowingalumni68

This was the second home that we have bought with Mehr and I can just say that it was a terrific experience. I trust her and her judgement fully, and would be very happy to buy more homes with her. She was very professional throughout the process, even though the home was priced less than the homes which she usually sells which meant that she probably wasn’t getting as much commission as she usually does, for the same amount of work. She updated me through each step of the process through email. The inspector she recommended was terrific and gave us a discount too. She was there for all of it, even though I had to be on a business trip. She hand delivered all of the contracts to our house because I asked her to. Very very caring person and great real estate agent.

5 rollins manny

Mehr isn’t just an Agent- she is a soothsayer, a miracle maker. After this real estate deal, she has become my friend for life. She convinced me to price the house I was selling 5,000 below what my husband wanted. My husband said no, but she insisted. She said that because of the other houses on the market this is what we have to do to get maximum price for it. It didn’t make sense for us, but she persisted again. Finally we threw our hands in the air and said okay. Guess what. She got several offers on the house. And it ended up selling for $30,000.00 more than the asking price. More than any other house and comp sold for. It would have been so easy for her to say okay, to give in to what we wanted. But she didn’t. She knew what was in our best interest, when we didn’t. People like this are few and far between.

5 BainfinancialVP238

Mehr is just fantastic. She sold our house years ago, and we have continued to stay in touch with her and ask her to let us know when she sees a good deal. We had asked her to do accompanied showings only. She had maybe 5-7 other listings at the time, but she promised us that she would accomodate our request. We then asked her if she would have the time to do this, and she told us that she would make the time. She did. We got an offer shortly after we put our house on the market, for the price that we wanted. When the closing date wasn’t exactly ideal for us, Mehr told us that she will take care of it. She did, and the buyers changed their closing date. The entire deal went smoothly. We recommend her to all.

5 otoole veira

Mehr had sold my house once before, so she was a pro and an expert at the ins and outs of it. She promised that this would go smoothly, and she certainly kept her promise. She is so nice, and a warm person. Several other brokers had come to talk to me about selling my house. Some were too much in what they were promising and saying, some were too little in their energy and their drive. Mehr was just right, and on top of that she seemed honest. Well, she didn’t seem honest, she is honest. She told me that I had to do a few repairs before we put the house on the market if we want to get the most money we can for it. I did those repairs and I got much more money than I had paid. Mehr was once just my realtor, but I am lucky to now call her my friend.

5 forbes gilbert

Mehr is a terrific agent and she did everything right when she was marketing and listing our home. Interestingly, she has sold this same house that was ours a few times, as people see the work and due diligence which she puts in. She made a delicious pastry which she brought to the open house, and interestingly, that is where the buyer came from after only 4 days on the market! Throughout the entire negotiation process she answered my 100000 phone calls, and was just so so patient. Everything went well and smoothly. She was so sweet that she even helped us with a little bit of our packing, because we were running so behind on the day when we were supposed to move out. We have kept in touch. She is wonderful. And her son is delightful.

5 osullivanj81

Mehr helped us sell our house some years back. She is really an excellent real estate professional. The pictures that she took were excellent, as was her choice of a stager who was very affordable. The difference was drastic, I was even thinking of not selling after the stager came through! She did a very nice market analysis before we were ready to sell and we took her recommendations throughout the process, which we are glad that we did. We had her over for dinner before we were ready to move and she brought us the most delightful pastries for dessert. I have recently re-engaged her to see what other homes we might be able to get in Andover, and I spoke with Brandon on the phone. His professionalism is to be admired.

5 goldsteinr48

Mehr sold our house some years back and she was the perfect real estate agent in every way. All of our calls she either answered, or if she wasn’t available, called back within the our. She answered all of our emails quickly. And whenever we asked her to do an open house, she was there to do it. She didn’t just list our house and wait for a buyer to come along, she did some mail marketing which is what actually led to the sale of our house. Then throughout the entire under agreement process, she pointed us in the right direction, recommended the best attorney, and was just great. We would recommend her to anyone who asks.

5 floridaretire2010

Mehr was referred to us by a friend. She’s perfect. Really. Efficient, compassionate, caring. Professional and understanding. She listed and sold our home in a very reasonable amount of time. When we got two offers she helped us understand the pluses and minuses of each one without interjecting her opinion of which one we should choose. That is what I really respected about her . When it came time to sign the purchase–sale agreement, she also had a lot to add, which helped us come up with the best terms, I really believe. She worked very hard for us . And everything closed smoothly.

5 cooogler r

Mehr was so helpful in helping us find a home to buy. She is a lady and an excellent businesswoman. Throughout all the homes that she showed us and helped us look at, she explained to us the features of each one, and also was very attentive to exactly what it was that we were looking for in our new home. When our offer was accepted, she recommended a wonderful attorney who made sure that everything went smoothly, and was on top of everything from day one. She even helped us recommend movers when it was time to move in to our new home, and they charged us a fraction of what everyone else was asking. Mehr has a great sense of humor, and I a happy to say that she is my realtor for life.

5 orourkem71

Our experience with Mehr was fantastic, as she helped us find our dream home, and was there for every step of the way. She showed us oh, I wold say about 30-40 properties before we found the most perfect one. I remember it was a multiple offer situation, but ours got accepted over the other two. I still think to this day, that if it wasn’t for Mehr we wouldn’t have gotten the house. She was very patient throughout the whole process, and when we were getting cold feet, she even was happy to show us 5 more homes, and we truly saw the deal that we were getting! She’s very kind, as I saw many other of her clients have commented. I wish her and Brandon the best success in continuing the tradition.

5 bankofmichelle23

Mehr was a terrific realtor, and a terrific professional. She exceeded my expectations in every way through her persistence, market knowledge, and real estate negotiation skills. I have recommended her to my friends and family, and if I’m back in the area, will work with no one but her. She did two open houses for me the first weekend that my house was on the market, and she found the buyer right there and then. She then proceeded to update me regularly whenever I needed updating, and was all around responsive in every way. She always had a smile on her face like another user said, and I would certainly describe her as caring.

5 andoveralum1983

We searched hard and long for the right home to buy with a different realtor, who was very busy, and never quite gave us the attention that we deserved. When we met Mehr, we were just thrilled and delighted by her energy and her ever attention to detail. We let her know that we would like to work with her and she took us on as clients! When she showed us the house that we want to buy, she was very speedy and expedient, at getting our offer accepted- and it was a very hot market. If it wasn’t for her agility, we probably wouldn’t have gotten the house. She introduced us to an excellent mortgage person, who really came through for us in the end. Mehr’s level of service is above and beyond what is expected.

5 rushlandb

We had a wonderful experience buying our house with Mehr. She was very thoughtful, swift, likeabale and pleasant, and best of all- she was KNOWLEDGEABLE! That is the most important thing we were looking for in a realtor. That and someone who is very responsive. She was there for us every time we needed her, and she accomodated us through our schedule as well. I can remember that we wanted to put an offer for $10,000 more than we paid for the house, and Mehr said no! We listed to her, and had we not, we would have paid $10,000 more. Mehr saved us $10,000! She went to the inspection and was there the entire time herself, even though we weren’t and made sure the sellers fixed every problem that came up. Thank you Mehr, couldn’t have done it without you.

5 indianridge239

Mehr sold our home and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service which we received from her. She did such a nice job of telling us the things that we should fix before we should put the house on the market. It looked like a different house when we put a couple thousand dollars of work into it, and we definitely got our money back! That’s for sure. She was so nice throughout the whole process, and really worked hard to get us an offer which we were pleased with. She explained every step of the home buying process to us in detail. We did recommend Mehr to a neighbor of ours who was looking to buy a home in Andover as well, and she said she did a great job with her too.. Really wonderful realtor and overall great person.

5 chinryan206

Mehr helped us buy several of our homes over the years, and I remember that her expertise came especially to play on this one. She is so detail oriented. I mean very, very detail oriented. But that isn’t apparent by her calm and happy demeanor. She got all of the details of exactly what we were looking for and helped us find the most perfect, charming house. She walked us through writing an offer, and she helped negotiate and get it accepted. She was always updating us, as we loved knowing what is going on every step of the way. She was so kind throughout the process, and reassured us that our questions are completely justified, and she addressed every single one of them. She isn’t just a good realtor, she is a great realtor.

5 mitchelljane54

Mehr helped us in so many ways when we were looking to buy our house in North Andover. She pointed us in the right direction to a wonderful mortgage person who made sure that everything happened on time for our house to close. I remember we must have seen about 50 houses with Mehr before we chose the one that we did. She always showed up with a smile on her face and told us her honest opinion, even when that honest opinion was counter to what would be in the best interest of a real estate agent as it would mean we would be looking at more houses. We found the perfect one thanks to her guidance, and she made sure everything happened correctly from that point forward. We owe it to her.

5 rileygold24

Mehr was just the perfect real estate agent for us in every way that I could describe. We were looking to move to a bigger home for some time when we met Mehr at an open house that she was conducting. We knew that this was the perfect agent for us. She was just so knowledgable about the Andover market, every single house that we mentioned to her that we were interested in looking at, she had already seen . And when we went to go look at them it was obvious she had seen them! We found the perfect one, and through Mehr’s negotiation skills, she made it ours! She recommended a wonderful inspector and then when we were going to move, she recommended a wonderful moving company as well. She made the entire process a piece of cake!

5 jmarkman27

From 1-10, I would give mehr 1000. She really did everything she could to help us find the home of our dreams, and then some when we were relocating to the greater Boston area from San Francisco. She truly educated us about the area, the amenities and perks of the various neighborhoods and towns, and we finally decided that we wanted to find something in Andover or North Andover. She showed us the most perfect house in Andover, and we fell in love with it the moment we saw it. We put an offer and it was accepted. Her communication skills are second to none, as she informed us every step that she took. She even gave my wife suggestions on where to shop and where to dine during the transition period. She is wonderful.

5 nabrooksalum1978

What can I say about Mehr, other than she is truly the perfect Real Estate Agent. Attentive, alert, quick, professional and above all, she listens. That is why she is so good at what she does; it really comes down to her listening skills. When I told her what I was looking for in a new home, she kind of knew exactly what it was that I wanted. She found me exactly what I wanted. I mean exactly. She helped us negotiate the deal, and guided us basically through the entire home buying process. Anytime we needed her, she was there. She really wanted to make sure that we were comfortable with our decision, she wasn’t just playing sales person. People like this are hard to come by, but she wants to make sure you are happy. She puts you before herself.

5 osher7897

Throughout every step in this process, this realtor exceeded all of my expectations and then some. She was very very efficient in her communication, and in the way that she conducted and ran the entire process. I was looking for a house in Andover, and gave her a list of requirements that I was looking for. The thing is – she showed me several homes that were what I described. After none of them was actually what I wanted, she showed me an “out of the box” option. I just fell in love. She knew me better than I knew myself. Mehr helped me get this house for the price that I wanted to pay for it, and then gave me a list of movers that I could use, as I didnt even know who to use for movers! She is a 5 star realtor.

5 warrenmichelle94

Our deal came together perfectly because of the work that Mehr put into it. Things don’t just happen in life, it takes hard work and commitment. Those are qualities that our Realtor had, and that is why we are happy to refer her to our friends. When we told her that we want this house, she was committed to getting it for us, regardless of the fact that there was an offer on it already. She really fought for us, and our offer ended up being accepted. She was there throughout all the paperwork and for when we did our inspection and she came through for us in all manners. I remember her sense of humor throughout the whole real estate deal, even though we were tense. Her smile reassured us. She is an excellent realtor.

5 princetonsoccer1987

Mehr helped us buy our first house before we were relocated again. She was so helpful and understanding with us, and I have to say very patient as well. I didn’t know much about real estate at the time, as I was finishing my fellowship in medical school, but she was kind enough to explain the process and what we would need to do, the steps that we need to take. My husband and I wanted something very simple, which she found us, and she checked in on us periodically to make sure that we didn’t have any questions. We still remember to this day that her knowledge of the market in Andover and in the merrimack valley was quite impressive. I don’t live anywhere near Massachusetts anymore, but if I did, Mehr would be our realtor for sure.

5 smcdonald951

Mehr was a fantastic real estate broker for the sale of my house. We had met Mehr through an open house and knew right away that she was the one which we wanted to list with. She gave us great ideas about what she would do before we put the house on the market, and we followed her meticulous advice. She had an offer for us after the second open house, and things went very smoothly after that. She didn’t waste any time, and always updated us to the occurences of the sale of our house. She performed her duties diligently, and in a timely fashion. We have had experiences with many real estate agents, but in all honesty, I can say with confidence, that our experience with mehr was the best.

5 stanton r

When I was looking for a new home to buy in Andover, near the enter of town, it seemed that every offer I was putting was being rejected. That was with my previous realtor. All of that changed when I met Mehr. She seemed to be friends with everybody. I remember a few open houses I went to and mentioned to the realtor that I am now working with Mehr, and they said things like “oh, she is great” or “she is a good friend of mine.” It’s good to work with someone who is well liked- especially when putting an offer, because the first one I put with her was accepted! We loved the house that we bought with her before we were relocated again. I will always remember the hard work that she put into making sure our house closed on time and that we got the best deal.

5 ritzdalia

Oh what can I say. If only all professionals were like this realtor, things in my life would go so much more smoothly. With her, it was really like having your own concierge. The level of service was just superb. Everything about the transaction went well. We bought the house directly from her, as she was also the listing realtor, and we are so glad that we did- because it made it so much easier to cut out the middle man. She was so good at negotiating for both sides, and really came to an agreeement that both we and the seller were happy with. Everything happened as it should, the way it should, and we moved in the day that we were supposed to move in. We really enjoyed working with her.

5 foyler9823

Mehr did an excellent job when it came time to sell our house, and she has found us two homes since! We admire her energy, her work ethic, and her diligence to get things done. Mehr is meticulous, and the satisfaction of her clients mean everything to her. At least that is the impression that we have gotten by working with her throughout the years. On our house, she really went through everything a few times to make sure we were listing at the right price, and then she went through things again to make sure that nothing was being forgotten with the paperwork with the attorneys. I don’t think we are going to move again, but if we do, we know that Mehr will be the agent for us. She fulfills and keeps her promises, and she is honest.

5 prattrich43

Mehr did an excellent job as our buyer’s agent. She is so smart, caring, honest and just very on top of her game. She really did impress us, because she was really there to help us. Without her, we really don’t think we would have gotten the house, or even gotten the great deal that we believe we got. When we were ready to put the offer on our home, she took us to see several comps which we really appreciated. She didn’t just show us these comps on a piece of paper, she literally took us to see them. She also recommended a great inspector, who we really appreciated as well. She kept us informed throughout every step of the process, and she was always there for us. We could not recommend her enough.

5 churche982

I had a terrific experience having Ms. Tabassi as my real estate agent. I truthfully could not say enough great things about her. She answered all of my calls, if she wasn’t there called me back promptly, and gave me great guidance and advice every time I asked for it. What I appreciate the most about her, is that she wasn’t a typical salesperson at all. She was compassionate and had empathy, and realized that this was a big decision for me, even though she has seen hundreds of buyers through this process. She coordinated everything for me, gave me a few mortgage originators which she likes, and gave me a few attorneys she thought I may like to choose from. The ones I used were great. I am very happy with my decision to go with Mehr Tabassi as my realtor.

5 veringt

Brandon – and Mehr- did a great job to help us buy a house this year. They were very detail oriented, and meticulous with the way they handled this transaction. when the inspection left some inconclusive questions, they did more investigating – before we even asked. Brandon is very professional. Always answers emails, answers calls, works at all hours of the day. He really truly cares about the work that he is doing, and that me, as his client, gets the best deal. Even after closing the house, he continued to check in on me , to see how things are going. He even stopped by the house to bring us a housewarming present. I would say that this team goes above and beyond the call of duty, and I will recommend the to all friends and family.

5 sheazane234

Brandon Tabassi is the best real estate broker I have dealt with. I have bought and sold many homes in the Andover area, some as investments, and some for my family and I to live in. I have dealt with many brokers in the area. I met Brandon at an open house for one of his listings, and I knew right away that I will ask him to list the investment property that I am selling. He isn’t just a real estate broker, he is a marketing aficionado, someone with taste, someone who is sharp – and most of all someone who has actual intelligence and intellect. His marketing plan for my home worked. He was very honest throughout the whole process, and definitely showed me the right way to handle inspections – and P&S agreeements. Something that none of the brokers had done before. He paid close attention to the financing, to make sure that it closes on time. I hadn’t used Brandon before, but now I won’t use anyone but him.

5 sanca jase

When I met Brandon at one of the open houses for one of his listings, I knew that he needed to become my buyer’s agent. He clearly is not like the other real estate agents in the area. Worldly, unbelievably intelligent, and business savvy are the three things that first come to mind when describing him. He negotiated my offer down to an amount that was far, far less than the seller had rejected before – through his knowledge of the real estate business, he wrote some specific terms in the contract that made it very attractive. He oversaw everything else, the inspection, appraisal, P&S, closing, everything. I believe he even did the other real estate agent’s job because I know how type A Brandon is. I think he is the best. Actually, I know he is the best.

5 neil linda23

Brandon helped me buy my dream home this year- and I couldn’t have worked with a better Real Estate Agent. He makes everything seem so easy. I have bought many other homes throughout my life, and none of the processes were as easy as this one. He got my offer accepted over the other offers, He negotiated everything I wanted in the home inspection, and was just so on top of my mortgage application that it would have been impossible to slip through the cracks. He wouldn’t let it happen ! He updated me throughout the process and even has a great sense of humor and warmth and friendliness to him that makes this so pleasant. I have recommended him already to another friend looking for a house, and that says it all.

5 parker rosie789

Mehr has handled many of my rental properties throughout the years- and Brandon has began to as well. They are very, very thorough in pre-screening the people who put applications on my properties to rent. They have their office conduct credit checks, and they recheck the applications to make sure that nothing is missing. I know that is is a lot of work, for not a lot of money- and realtors as busy as Brandon and Mehr could be spending their time on bigger deals, but they answer all of my calls, all of my emails right away. They even have a big and stylish sign that they put in front of the rentals that attracts the attention of all of the cars going by. Their marketing is also top of the notch. I will continue to use them.

5 cortell peter29

Mehr is not just a pro, she is a compassionate and honest person who truly cares about her clients. No other real estate broker would have done for me what Mehr did. She advocated for us not just with the sellers and the sellers agents, but she negotiated a lower rate for us with the inspector, as well as our mortgage lender. She got us the deal that we did even though there were stronger offers on the table, because of her relationship with the other broker. And she gently guided us through the home buying process. If anyone asks me who I would recommend, it no doubtedly would be Mehr, to buy or sell a house with. She is professional, warm, and most of all, she really cares.

5 murfield linda

My husband and I have bought and sold houses with Mehr over the years, and we are so glad that we had someone like her by our side every time. This particular house was the last one we bought with Mehr, which we actually lived in, before we went out of state. When we wanted to move up in size when I lived in North Andover, MA, I remember I told her that if it is not the perfect house, I don’t want to waste my time to see it. Well, she hit the bullseye. She found the perfect house for me based off of my description, and it was one of two houses she showed us. She must have a sixth sense about this stuff. She negotiated our offer own to 20k under asking, and we closed exactly the date I wanted. She even saved us 10,000 after we did the home inspection, because of the home inspector she recommended. Please, do yourself a favor, and have no one by your side but the best- and the best is Mehr.

5 mortimer2932

When the house which we bought for our daughter became vacant after our divorce, we sought Mehr and Brandon to help us rent it out after reading their reviews. They lived up to the hype. Brandon called me back immediately after I left a message, and he came by the next day to do the rental agreement. He even had a professional photographer take the professional photos of the house, just for a rental listing, which I thought was totally unnecessary, and which no one else offered to do for us. Well, it worked. They rented it for much more than we thought we could do for it to a lovely tenant. When we put our house on the market in the Spring, we know who we will be listing with! Fab Real Estate Team.

5 letchermarlon

I have had many dealings with Mehr over the years, but this one is for a particular property of mine which she sold a few years ago. Meticulous is the first word which comes to mind when I would like to describe Mehr, because it is very apparant, that she rechecks everything she does- to make sure it is to the highest standard. I remember, she was asking me if everything was up to my standards, whether it was the photos, or the narrative the she wrote of my listing. Of course it was, Mehr is a pro! She got me a nice offer for the property, which was higher than what I was expecting it to go for, and she updated me through every step of the way. Highly recommend to all.

5 zeigler b

WELL. No complaints here! Mehr underpromised, and overperformed. I have worked my whole life in sales and I know someone with people skills when I see it. Mehr has people skills because she actually cares about the people, it’s not the sale that she cares about! When you care about the people, the sales come with it. When she sold my parents home in Andover, she did everything right. We asked for consistent updates on the process, and she provided us that. When we asked for a good attorney, she pointed us in the right direction (and he gave us a very good rate since I guess she had done so much business with him, we even checked around). We were so happy to have sold our house at the closing, but Mehr surprised us with flowers! Thank you for everything that you do.

5 yossiklein329

I have bought many houses with Mehr over the years ( I bought my recent house with Brandon- although his style is very different than Mehr’s, his excellent, exceptional work is the same). This review is for a house I bought with Mehr some years ago. I remember it was a very hot market at the time, and I had had 3 of my offers rejected with the last realtor that I had worked with. I met Mehr through a cold call to her office, as I had kept seeing the real estate signs around town. Mehr told me what to do- write a handwritten letter, and include a picture of your family on the next offer. She gave me this advice, knowing that I had seen these with the other realtor. I decided to give her a try. The next day the most perfect home came on the market. I asked Mehr if I could see it with her, and guess what, after following her advice, my offer was accepted! She recommended a good inspector, attorney, and the closing went very smoothly. This was the first time I worked with Mehr, but it was certainly not the last!

5 adler joseph323

Before we retired down to Florida, Mehr was our Realtor back in the day, and it is our pleasure to write this review on her behalf. Our daughter and our son in law still live in Andover, and they are currently working with Brandon – who was been so patient with showing them homes in Andover, Melrose, and Arlington – but this review is about Mehr. Mehr sold our last house in Massachusetts and she was just a doll! She had such nice touches to her open houses, like serving cookies, and I remember that she called and us and told us that she thinks that one of the people who had come in are going to put an offer. We called her the next day and asked why we haven’t gotten the offer, and she said to be patient. Lo and behold, 3 days later, the offer came in! She knows how to make things happen. Well, the rest of the process went smoothly, from the sales agreement to the closing. We would definitely use her again if we ever come back up there.

5 justinlevy8456

Thank you Mehr for helping me sell my first house in Andover. If I wasn’t relocated to the west coast, you can be sure, I would have bought the next few homes with you. Mehr helped me with every aspect of my relocation, from choosing packing and shipping companies, to helping me keep my house “winterized” when I had already left. She did a great job, sold my house for the price that I wanted, and certainly was a very detail oriented real estate agent. Before I went to the west coast, Mehr took me around to look at other houses in Andover, which were similar to the house that I was selling . This helped me gage the price, so that I was absolutely sure of my pricing decision. She helped me negotiate the purchase and sale after I had already left, and helped me find an attorney, who made it possible that I didn’t have to attend the closing. Very pleased with everything she did.

5 tremontgirl75

Mehr was my very first buyer’s agent after i had graduated from Harvard Dental school – and she was my buyer’s agent again this year, when I decided to move back from Connecticut. There was a very small house close to downtown Andover which she called me about, and said that I should come see it right away or it will be gone. This was in a market where things were already sold before they hit the market, so of course I got there as quickly as I can. She helped me write the offer, and boom! Offer was accepted. I found out later that mine was the first and only showing, the morning that the house hit the market. She helped me through every step of the escrow process, and walked me through the closing. She has been doing this for so many years, she knows it like the back of her hand.

5 buddingbill

When I was transferred from San Francisco to the Boston office, Brandon Tabassi helped my family and I with rental assistance. We were originally looking at places with excellent school systems, and he sent me a wonderful list of top schools in Massachusetts. When I needed further help, he did the research for me, without me even asking. I narrowed down the search to Lexington and Andover. The single family home rents in Lexington were just too high, but Brandon found us a fantastic rental in the bancroft – doherty school district in andover, and my kids couldn’t have been happier this year. I would say that Brandon is top notch in terms of professionalism, responsiveness, and overall, my experience with him was fantastic.

5 bonnie laughlin22

Mehr helped us buy our home in North Andover about 8 years ago, and we have loved every minute living in it. She was very careful about the properties she chose for us to visit, because we told her our very specific criteria and also that we do not want to waste our time when finding a home. She is very smart and she is very intuitive. Over the course of 2-3 months, we saw one home a week because I told her to be very selective. Finally, we hit the jackpot! She was agile in helping us secure the home, and even got the sellers to bring down the price by about 10 thousand or so after the home inspection. We were already approved by our lender, but she recommended we do some shopping, and we got a better interest rate by someone she recommended. Everything about our experience was A+

5 weinbergrusty

Mehr sold our house for us before we retired down to Florida. It was when the market was very slow, a few years ago, and we had begun to see the effects of the recession. She said to be patient, that there are always people being transferred to Andover for work. She was right. She got us exactly the amount that we wanted for the house, and updated us constantly after the inspection, sales agreement, and about the mortgage of the buyer. She is a true pro. Because of her, everything went just swell! 5 star realtor for sure!

5 john triano77

Mehr is a masterful realtor, who did a fine job with selling our property while we were in Andover. She has updated us with nice cards and letters since the time that we had the pleasure to work with her, and we are delighted at the success that she and her son Brandon have had, as a team, working together. I remember that Mehr was very straightforward with us, about the price which we should expect, as well as with the time table. She did everything that she said she would do, on time, and got us an offer on our property within two weeks after listing. Everything after that went just fine. We now live in Newton, and will call Mehr and Brandon when we would like to sell our house.

5 l krasinski

Oh- thank you so much Mehr- for everything you did for me when I was selling my house ! Mehr found us the home of my dreams when I told her that I wanted to move into something bigger, and she timed everything so perfectly. We didn’t waste a single moment between the time our house sold and the time that we found our new one. She brought these belgium chocolates to the open house, that were such a nice touch! I remember that she also left a box for me (i think she had recently come back from belgium for a summer trip). Anyway, it was the small touches like that that made Mehr stick out in my mind so distinctly. She organized all of the paperwork so well and even recommended a great closing attorney. She is great.

5 brooke morgan80

Mehr was our agent when were relocated to Andover due to my husband’s job transfer. She was very thorough in our initial meeting, and showed us the different areas in town in the initial area tour. We asked to see a few properties in Reading and North Andover, but finally decided that we would like to stay close to downtown Andover, so that I could take the train to Boston for recreation . We were coming from Europe so we were very interested in the tourism opportunities. Mehr found us a very nice condo close to downtown, and negotiated a great price for us. She was very meticulous in informing us about the process, because coming from Europe, we were not familiar with the buying system in America and Massachusetts. Mehr is really a class act.

5 kline wend

Mehr was our selling agent, and also our buying agent when we found our new home. She is very thorough, and very meticulous. She makes sure that you are getting every penny that your house is worth – she really does. She took us to see some of the houses on the market when coming up with a price for us, this was something that the other realtors which we interviewed didn’t think of , or just didn’t have the time to do. Everything happened in a timely fashion, and Mehr informed us of the steps we needed to take before we needed to take them (she also gave us a friendly reminder when we forgot to do something!). Excellent realtor.

5 cary boyd1977

My wife found Mehr from a real estate sign on a house that we had adored for years. We didn’t want to buy it, we were retiring and moving to Maine. But anyway, I remembered how much she stood out from the pact when she walked in to our house to do the analysis. She was dressed in designer clothes, was very elegant, and carried herself with a certain aura of class. I told my wife that we found our broker. All of her suggestions about how we should “stage” our house were right on point, and we listened to her advice and suggestions. Whatever we did, we did right, because we got a good offer in a tough market. My wife says she was glad that she passed by the real estate sign where we found her!

5 starletta324

Mehr sold my condo in North Andover before I moved to Wellesley to begin my teaching job at Wellesley . She was so worldy and so educated. I specialize in art history, and she knew so much and had been to so many art museums around the globe . Of course I picked her to represent me in the sale of my small condo. She gently guided me as to how I should rearrange my furniture and my belongings, and the way it looked was like a painting! She had some creative marketing ideas, although I can’t remember the specifics, it was so long ago. Anyway, I was very very happy with how everything turned up. I called Mehr this year because I was thinking of starting a teaching job at Phillips Academy and am thinking of buying something in Andover. She is my realtor for life!

5 bschaffer0

Mehr did an excellent job with the sale of our house. I met Mehr when she was doing an open house over at our neighbor’s. I stopped by as the “nosy neighbor” just to see how much the house was going for, and what it looked like. She was so welcoming to me, even though she knew I was clearly not there to buy the house! Regardless, she gave me such a great tour, and knew so much about it. That is why when it came time to sell my house, I had Mehr’s card in my rolodex 2 years later! She delivered everything which she promised and I was very pleased with her. She told me of all the updates as they came, which I really appreciated.

5 clemini

My wife met Mehr at the gym, and she told me that she will be the Realtor for our house – mind you, this was before we even wanted to move anywhere! I met her at Burton’s one night, and I agreed that she should be our Realtor, when we were actually thinking of moving. She was very poised, and has a very distinct presence. She did everything right in the sale of my property, and introduced us to a great closing attorney. The offers we got were on par with what we wanted, and to me that was the most important factor. Very happy to endorse Mehr, and very happy to say that she is the best.

5 N mcsweeney

In North Andover and Andover, nobody tops Mehr Tabassi in the real estate biz! I’ve been seeing her signs, driving around, for the past 20 years or so. I grew up in the town, and have several friends who are Realtors. But I chose Mehr to sell my house because it’s very clear that she knows the real estate business like the back of her hand. Very polite and very on point. When I talked, she listened. And when she gave advice, it was advice that I surely took. She told me how to rearrange my furniture and such, and even had me change the beds in the bedrooms! The result was so much more pleasing to the eye, I wished I had done it sooner. She got me a buyer, and got me where I needed to go. A++ Realtor.

5 mcconnell s

Mehr sold our Andover property for us a few years back. We were very pleased with our choice of a Realtor, and would gladly choose Mehr again to handle our real estate needs. She is courteous, professional, and on top of things. We had told her that we wanted to sell in a hurry, and she promised us that we would meet our anticipated timeline. She helped us pick some movers to and already had a list of people that she recommends printed out to help us with our move. First rate Realtor she is!

5 bowdoin d

When I relocated to Woburn Massachusetts for my pharmaceutical management job, North Andover was one of the very first places that I lived. And Mehr Tabassi was my very first real estate agent. Even then I knew she was in the business for years, because I remember seeing her name on the real estate signs as I drove around town. She helped me find a lovely house, and we got it for below asking price. Everything she did while the house was in escrow was phenomenal, in the terms of how she kept me informed every step of the way. I reconnected with Mehr this year, and she is helping me find an investment property in Melrose or in Arlington.


My wife and I recently worked with Brandon to help us find a home in Andover, MA. We started our search in December of last year and finalized our search in June. This speaks to how patient and diligent Brandon was when trying to match all of our needs to just the right home. We were thinking that it would be an easy thing to find just what we wanted in the location we wanted and all at a price we could afford. Brandon was very knowledgeable about the market and directed us to areas of town that he knew we would want to live. He also entertained my notions that we could get a lot more house for our money if we would just move farther out from the area where our family lived. His patience with me and his subtle steering brought us to a home that is a good fit for us and it is in just the right area of town. I would have to say that through this entire process Brandon never gave up on our search and he never pressured us into buying something just for the sake of buying something. He communicated with us routinely providing possible candidates for our consideration and he was always available for discussion when we had questions about certain properties. Overall, Brandon was very easy to work with, fun and totally professional in his approach to our purchase of a home here in Andover. I would call on Brandon again for any future real estate needs, and extremely would recommend him.

5 luke packer

Mehr was my seller’s agent, and she is also acting as my buyer’s agent now that I want to buy a condo in the area again. I have been in the rocky mountains for the past few years. I can say that Mehr is nothing but kind, attentive, and savvy about the real estate business. I know she is a seasoned broker, and it is very obvious that if there is a way to get something done, she will discover it. When selling our house, she with held the showings until the open house that weekend and I remember receiving multiple offers. She walked me through every step of the selling process. She is the best realtor.

5 lindaowens14

It is my distinct pleasure to write this review for my darling realtor (and now, lifelong friend) Mehr Tabassi! She sold my home in Andover, and did a fine job at it too! She is a very creative realtor, she really marketed the home in a way that the other realtors whom I interviewed did not think to do so, accenting the marble mantles, and had me accentuate my artwork in proper lighting. Well- I would say that she thinks of things from a worldly perspective, which is very important in a place like Andover, where the buyers may be coming from all over the world. The buyer from my house was from Paris, and I remember Mehr and her having a conversation at the closing about shops and boutiques in Paris! Well anyway, the reason this is important, is that Mehr can relate to just about any buyer- and that is very important when she does open houses and such. She is very professional and such a dear!

5 rlimmick

My wife chose Mehr to sell our house in North Andover, 15 years ago. It is interesting that we still see her real estate signs around Andover and North Andover, (with her son now). She is a very gifted negotiater, and a very talented consensus builder. I know that the buyers were very wishy washy when they were in the midst of our transaction. But our neighbor who had recommended Mehr said not to worry, that she will keep the deal together. And that she did. She surprised us with a beautiful bouquet at our new house, after we had moved, because she knew how much my wife loves flowers. We will never forget her kindness and her attention to detail.

5 jeffschultz4

This review is about the talented Mehr Tabassi, who was my listing agent for the sale of my house a few years ago. I saw her sign driving by Great Pond Rd in North Andover this afternoon, and I am glad to know that she is still one of the “heavy hitter” agents in the area. She did a phenomenal job with her advertising. I know that the buyer of my house came from the newspaper ad which she ran, and I know that she offered a lot more than everyone else offered when I had the realtors come and give me their “pitch.” She kept me very well informed, and I will gladly recommend her to all people looking to sell or buy a house.

5 lawrence cindy323

Mehr sold our house. I would not trust any other broker to do so. She is articulate, warm, and very very attentive to details surrounding the house. That is why she got the results that she did. She sold the house for far beyond asking – by listening to the concerns and the wants of the buyer. She is currently helping my daughter buy a house in Andover – along with Brandon, her son. She will fight for you, and she will advocate for you, and she is worth every penny.

5 bowdoincollegenelley

I had a great experience with Mehr as my selling agent on my home in Andover. She was prompt, professional, and really took the time to explain the process to me, as I had never sold a house before (but I had bought a house before). I just bumped into her at an open house this weekend, and it is amazing that she has been doing this for this many years. Everything went smoothly with her representing me and my family. Would recommend her to all.

5 tlanzini

Brandon Tabassi helped me lease my place in Cambridge as a part of my relocation package this summer. He did a fantastic job of informing me of my options, as well as what he thought was reasonable to attain for rent etc. He had a clever marketing technique, even though it was only a rental, and even paid for a professional photographer out of his pocket, to make sure that I got every penny that I was due. I have to say that I am very pleased with the work he did, and with the tenants who currently occupy my home, now that I am down in Dallas. I will definitely call on Brandon and his team, should I wish to sell the place, once my relocation option is up for renewal Quarter 3 2017!

5 ryan sampson2

Mehr’s work is exceptional as a real estate broker. She helped me and my family sell our house in 2001, and this year she helped our newly wed daughter and her husband find a house in Andover! She is a really caring professional, someone whose only influence and motivation is to help her clients achieve their goal. Her style is very gentle, and she takes her time to make sure that you understand every step of the transaction process. She explained the result of the inspection to us in detail, as well as what we should and should not leave on the purchase and sales. She was always there for us.

5 rowleytavernrourke

My wife hired Mehr to handle our real estate transaction, and we continue to see her real estate signs around Andover, North Andover etc. She is a great real estate professional, and her knowledge of the area is not succeeded by anyone. We just bumped into her again at an open house last weekend, and were very impressed by the way her son and her had marketed this listing (well, we weren’t all that impressed because she did only the best for us). I know that she hired people to do our photos professionally, as well as to color correct etc, before anyone else started doing that . I am glad that she has been going strong at this for twenty something years now!

5 lane vicky

Brandon was a great relocation representative for my transfer from Texas to the Boston Area. Myself and my husband originally thought that we would buy, before my job informed us that it would be unlikely that our relocation will be for more than one year. After he had showed us a handful of interesting places to buy, and we were ready to make an offer, we then informed him that we wanted to rent! He handled that like a true professional and already had a tour lined up for us the next day. We found the perfect high rise in Boston. He walked us through submitting our application, and won us the place that night! Brandon is a pleasure to work with.

5 susan ronan0

Wow. Mehr did an amazing job in finding me a house a couple years back. She will be listing my son’s house in Andover this year, and I was glad to make the referral and the recommendation. She was very organized when it came to the search, and made sure that I did my due diligence on every property we were thinking of offering on (and she helped me do this due diligence). That is the value that she gives, is she really guides you to making a great decision, and certainly doesn’t let you walk into something without evaluating from every angle. She is a great realtor.

5 jack shane2

I am a contractor with a builder’s license, and of all the brokers which I have hired in the Andover, the Readings, North Shore and beyond, Mehr Tabassi sticks out in my mind as the most well refined and the most professional. Everything she does is overdelivered, as she sets very realistic expectations for the sale of a house, and then over performs. I am glad that I have reconnected with her, and her son Brandon- who is just as professional and very articulate. There is no detail she overlooked in the sale of one of my properties, and she kept me constantly updated via phone and email. Thanks Mehr.

5 simona lee

I have never lived in Andover, but when my daughter was attending Phillips Academy, Mehr Tabassi helped us buy a condo in town so we could stay there when visiting our daughter (it really was much more convenient than staying in a hotel- and was very close to the school). Despite the fact that we only came to town for the closing, Mehr helped us choose a delightful small and tidy place, and coordinated our entire deal for us from a distance. We have now decided to sell this condo, and I kept her information with me all of these years – so of course she is the first person I called! Looking forward to receiving the same highest caliber level of service that I did before.

5 matthewsseanman

Mehr is a great broker who represented us in the sale of our condo, and in the purchase of our house. She will also be brokering the sale of our house when we put it on the market in the Spring. She sticks out from the pack, and the other realtors whom have approached us, because she is wordly and sophisticated. She used her sophisticated taste to cater to an international clientele, one of whom bought our property! She did this by helping us with our staging, and of course, with her diplomatic charm. She is very communicative, and any concerns that come up, she is there to address them. She is great.

5 lynettelunia

Mehr Tabassi is my Realtor for life. Whether I am working on buying investment properties, or selling myself and my parents’ homes in the area. I feel like she really and truly cares about me, and that is the #1 thing that made me feel comfortable when I went with her 10 years ago, and that is the reason I have recommended her to my friends and family. She is very, very honest- and does NOT tell you what you want to hear for the sake of just telling you what you want to hear. She is thorough, meticulous, and knows every angle of the real estate business. She got me to closing!

5 ronny jones3

Brandon is the RELO professional whom my company introduced to, to use in the selling of my home in Cambridge, MA. He is everything that you would want in a broker: sharp as a wit, astute, savvy, fun, and has a calm demeanor but will negotiate YOU as HIS client, the bigger end of the stick! He got me way over asking, and way over what the comps sold for. He also addressed every question I posed, immediately. Recommend Brandon To All.

5 g luss

Mehr is terrific. Really. If you are thinking of buying or selling, do yourself a favor, and go with her. She sold my place over at Millpond before I moved to Wellesley, when I got married. She was great, thorough, meticulous, and very organized. Very prompt in her communication as well. Very good negotiator also, from what I remember. She gets results, for sure. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to sell with !

5 fred capucci

Mehr sold my apartment in Andover for me long distance. I had bought it when I landed my job at Raytheon in Andover and then I was transferred over to LA. The relo company had sent me three different brokers to interview, and obviously, Mehr was the best. We have been in touch for the past several years. She handled everything for me, without me being there, and really treated the place like it was her own. She is very caring, and truly wants the best for her clients. Very rare Realtor.

5 jackson malek

My Corporate Relocation Consultant Introduced me to Brandon Tabassi. I have since introduced him to another colleague that I have relocating from Toronto to Boston. He is professional, and works at all times of the day and night- he would answer my emails and texts at all times of the day – whether 6 AM or midnight. He does his best to make sure you are satisfied and goes above and beyond. When he was selling my apartment, he would constantly check in with the lender of the buyer, to make sure the mortgage commitment was going to be met. He is TOP BROKER.

5 silviajackson2

Mehr Tabassi is a prepared, diligent, conscientious, and most of all PROFESSIONAL Realtor. I am very happy with the service that I have received from her throughout the years, from when I sold my condo in North Andover, to finding a lease in Andover this year. She explains EVERYTHING TO you, even things that you don’t think are important, because she wants you to be an educated consumer! She is superb.

5 jwiner2

Mehr was a great relocation agent, and we are happy we chose her over the other ones whom our company sent for us to meet. She did everything for me electronically when I had already moved to Portland, and she even had suggestions for attorneys and movers when the relo company didn’t locally. We are happy that she will be our agent on our relocation back to the Andover area in January, and look forward to going house hunting with her!

5 cindylopez421

We first got in touch with Brandon at the beginning of June, ahead of our relocation to Andover. We were so impressed to learn of Brandon’s prestigious background, and were not surprised when we saw how intelligent, articulate, and business savvy he is. He began sending us suggestions, and the ones we were interested in, he made appts and facetimed us to show us the insides, as well as sent iphone videos. When we found the pfct house, we flew in to take a second look, loved it, and he got us our offer accepted that night!!! He suggested a home inspector who was available the next day, and we got P&S signed last week. We are so looking forward to moving to Andover in October- thanks to Brandon and his help.

5 jim cohen4

Mehr is honest, hardworking, reliable, and a truly professional Broker. She gets results, and she does it in a way that she puts your mind at ease, knowing you have the best Realtor working for you. I have bought and sold many homes with Mehr throughout the years. The result is always the same. She also has a long rolodex of people to recommend for any job- house cleaning, painting, etc. True quality. True results.

5 nina rossberg

Mehr is NOT your stereotypical corny, cheesy Realtor. She is a highly intelligent and accomplished woman, who exudes class and professionalism in everything that she does! We remain in contact despite the fact that she sold my house 8 years ago! Her advice and recommendations about how to make a home look spectacular for showings stay with me to this day- I use them whenever I have guests. I think that is why her houses sell so quickly- her taste is second to none.

5 eric salman

Brandon Tabassi is My Broker because I ONLY work with the best. Calm and collected, with a highly articulate manner of speaking and negotiating, it’s obvious that you are getting someone refined. Just bought our house in Andover with him, closing in October. I’m impressed at the deal he got us. And that says a lot. He knows all of the ins and outs of the real estate biz, and advocates for you like no other. (I’ve had 3 other realtors before, there is no comparison). Go with him. You’ll thank me.

5 jessicayang44

Mehr gets the results which she promises. She is excellent agent. She does not exaggerate, or make false promises which is something I have noticed with other realtors which I worked with before Mehr. I had a very accurate timeline for the process of selling my home and everything went as planned. When something came up in the inspection, Mehr disproved the false claim of the buyer’s inspector. She is very professional.

5 russelljohn32

My Buyer’s agent for my relocation to Andover, MA is Brandon Tabassi. The house which I bought with him is closing at the end of October. I wanted to offer 17,000 more than Brandon suggested I offer. I was afraid of losing the house so I was hesitant but then went with his recommendation. I got the house for 20,000 less than I was willing to pay for it. He even recommended a great lender, inspector, painter, and contractor. The value he has added is invaluable.

5 jason richards45

Mehr is a great agent. Just bumped into her at an open house last week. She sold my house 12 years ago and I am glad to see that she is still going strong (and she looks the same she did then!) There is a very distinctive honesty about the way she does business. She tells you everything and doesn’t hide anything. She follows up and follows through. She s a realist. She is as good as they come.

5 ted weitz

I am closing on the sale of a house in North Andover, Massachusetts with Brandon Tabassi as my realtor. I can say without hesitation that he is smart, kind, creative, and that he truly advocates for his clients. He was always making helpful suggestions while we were searching for a house, and then made a great suggestion for a lender and home inspector. He has even made a great suggestion for a contractor. Without him I would be lost. He knows the area so well, and with him, you know you are in good hands.

5 deborah aloisa

Brandon was my Buyer’s Agent for my most recent transaction in Andover, which was an investment property for me. He is attentive, answered my calls and texts any time of day or night, and made sure to update me along the way. He is truly dedicated to his clients (hence why you see his signs around Andover and North Andover in front of so many houses, with a SOLD in front of it). His process expertise is above and beyond as his command of the market and area.

5 frank landa

Brandon sold our house last month. I must say that both he, and Mehr’s professionalism and integrity are most impressive. They are honest, thorough, and truly care about the people with whom they deal with and are in contact. Their impressive and creative marketing techniques are the best in the area. Their ability to understand the client and the market is second to none. They are the best at what they do, and with them, you are in the best hands.

5 simona rouse

Mehr & Brandon sold our house last month. They are everything that we could look for in a realtor and then some. I would recommend them to all because of their attention to detail- not just detail in the house which they are sellin,g but detail in regards to the customer, the market, and how a house makes someone feel. The attorney recommendation they gave me was great, as was their recommendation of a handyman. They know the process better than anyone.

5 joy rouette

Mehr & Brandon did a great job for us. Brandon was in contact communication to discuss every step of the purchase process an what was going on with the sellers. Brandon also negotiated the price of the home far below what I was prepared to pay for it. He saved us $$ and time. His recommendations were spot on. His calm, cool demeanor helped see the deal through. I would recommend Brandon to anyone who is looking to buy a house.

5 mattrory2

Brandon and Mehr did a great job with our house. Their recommendations of everyone- including an attorney, and a painter were great. They did an excellent job at marketing the house, and subsequently, of putting it under agreement. I would say that their style as to how to do things are different than any of the other realtors which we dealt with in the years. I would whole heartedly endorse them and say that they are the top realtors when it comes to listing a house, at least that we have come across, in Massachusetts.

5 deb falon

Mehr and Brandon did a fantastic job selling our house. I would say that the warm approach they take to the business is why they are as successful as they are. They tell it as it is and they get results. They have relationships with all of the suppliers in town, and can even negotiate our deals with real estate attorneys and movers for us. We were very surrprised because none of our previous realtors had the kind of pull they do. I recommend them to everyone looking to sell or buy in the luxury Boston suburbs

5 romney blake

Brandon is a sharp, astute, real estate professional. Trust him, you will be glad. He sold my apartment quickly, and was a fast, efficient communicator. His knowledge of the real estate business far surpasses anyone else in town or otherwise. He has a social intelligence that shines through. I could not have made a better decision in my selection of a real estate broker.

5 richard stein4

Mehr helped me purchase the house of my dreams 10 years ago and she is helping me prep it to put it on the market for the spring. She helped me bid out several other buyers when I bought it, and I remember she gave me a great recommendation for home inspector and lawyer. I will be relying on her good judgement and taste to pick the best lawyer and movers for me, when she hopefully gets several buyers to bid on the same house she helped me buy. Wonderful realtor, wonderful lady

5 joanne lin1

Brandon did a great job selling my home last month. His professionalism and dedication to doing the best thing for me, as the seller, really shined through with all of his advice, and in the way he handled the deal. He answered all of my questions, thoughtfully, and in great depth. He also had recommendations for people to help me prepare my house for sale. I would say that I am very lucky that I was able to work with Brandon, and I know that I will be working with him again and recommending him to my colleagues.

5 russell jacks

Mehr helped me find exactly the condo I was looking for, and she did an excellent job negotiating the price. After hearing such great things about her and Brandon we expected a lot, but she delivered results. She was always available to us, and made us feel like we are her only clients even though I know how many clients she has She took all our calls, even if she was in a meeting We are very very satisfied with our choice of a broker

5 GokulM

One of the best realtors we have met. Brandon has very good experience, he helped us with finding our dream home. Being a first time home buyer, his guidance helped us to make the right decisions.

5 j scheibe

Mehr helped me and my family buy our house in North Andover ago, and she is helping my brother house hunt right now. I can say without hesitation that she is the best realtor in the area. She understands various cultures, different mindsets, in a way that is masterful – due to all the places she has lived and visited. This helps tremendously in a place like Andover, where there is so much multicultural diversity. Her expertise in the real estate process is impressive, as is her command of the rules of the business; she used an ommission which the seller made to get us money at the closing table. She is the best.

5 lauren lynch9

I am so glad that I chose this realtor. I met with a few different ones before I made my final choice. Mehr helped us buy our house in Andover, before we decided to put it up for rent – which she also helped us with! She gave me suggestions for people to put hardwood floors in the house as well as a suggestion for someone to renovate the bathroom. All of her suggestions were terrific. Also what was terrific was her communication throughout the whole buying process. She kept me up to date throughout the whole thing.

5 stacy ennis9

Brandon helped me and my fiance find our dream house in Andover! He was patient with us through 4 months of house hunting, although I know he is a very busy realtor. Everything on the market was too something – too old, too busy, too small, etc. There was finally a house that he wanted us to see, but that had not come across our radars. When we saw the pictures we said no, but he persisted to say that we should see it. When we walked in the house, we immediately thought “too dated” but Brandon helped us see beyond that! He got us a great deal on it, much lower than we thought, nd then recommended flooring and painting people, and a person who gave us a good deal on a new kitchen counter. The total cost came in WAYY lower than we thought, and I can honestly say, I am now living in the home of my dreams because of Brandon Tabassi!

5 c lincoln2

I am closing on my house in North Andover next week and could not be happier ! Brandon got me the deal of a lifetime because of his quick thinking! I would definitely say that of the several realtors I met while going to open houses , I was constantly thinking to myself how lucky I am to be working with someone with the professionalism and work ethic of him. His recommendation for home inspector and attorney were both great. I had to have a roof specialist take a look at the house after the inspection, and that recommendation came from him too, who was also great. He got me a credit to fix the roof issue. best realtor.

5 jerry broook

Brandon is my relocation agent. He showed me about 12-15 houses in the Andover area, as well is in Lexington, Weston and Winchester. His knowledge of the towns and the real estate values is impressive, as well as the inner workings of the real estate market in Massachusetts. Being a transferee who has lived in the EU for the past several years, I didn’t know much about the local market, but Brandon educated me regarding every single little detail. I will be closing on a house that he helped me select next month, and I must say, that I could not be happier with the service.

5 sonia lind

I have received the highest rate real estate counseling with Mehr as my buyer’s agent! She is resilient, tough, and saved me from buying a very bad house. My wife had fallen in love with it, which made us not see the very obvious and apparent flaws . We called Mehr and said we would like to put an offer on it RIGHT AWAY! She insisted that she see the house first. The house had a very bad lot, and she pulled the MLS data to show us that this is why it didn’t sell a couple years ago when the owners had it on the market for over 500 days! Even though this caused her to have to put up with us for another 2 months, she eventually found us exactly what we were looking for, at a price that can not be beat. Thanks Mehr

5 j ann20

I am closing on the condo I purchased in North Andover with Brandon next week. The thing that drew me to Brandon is how caring he is . He didn’t view me as someone to make money off of, he viewed me as a friend or family member and was brutally honest during the search for a place. When there were placed that he thought were not good deals, he said so. I got a great deal and am very happy overall.

5 mary richard4

The relocation company introduced us to Mehr- and we love her. We are so proud to be working with the best realtor in Andover, and her 30 years of experience have proven to be a real asset. We have looked at 8-9 houses and still haven’t found “the one” so to speak but Mehr has been very patient with me and my wife. She knows the market so well and knows the area so well. She also introduced me to a lender who issued me a preapproval letter right away, and so far, has had the best home buying program to put me in. I know i am in good hands.

5 rob brown35

Mehr & Brandon are getting my house ready to put on the market and I am house hunting with Mehr. All of their suggestions so far about getting my house ready for the market have been great. Brandon introduced a great painter with very low rates who has been taking down my wall paper and painting the walls a modern color. His suggestion for a landscaper and a floor refinisher has also been great. We are going to be painting the exterior also to give it a more modern tone. We are starting to stage the house, and Brandon has had stylistic suggestions for this also. We will be doing a lot of business with Brandon and Mehr!

5 jolene brock

Mehr was my buyer’s agent for my home purchase in Andover. I would say that I am 100% satisfied with her and the level of service which I received. Everything was done efficiently, and I believe she negotiated me a great price for my home. Her recommendations were all good for people to use in the process between of putting an offer and closing. She was on top of everything. I would very highly recommend her, especially if you want someone which you know you can trust.

5 c langley5

I am thankful that out of all the agents in the area, I had Brandon Tabassi representing me. He was swift in his actions, and knew exactly what it was I was looking for. He got my offer accepted over 3 other offers, and recommended a great inspector who was very thorough. He also recommended the lender and the closing attorney. His knowledge of the area and the details of the various neighborhoods in the area are impressive to say the least. With Brandon, you get results, as I have !

5 leannaleeyoutoo

Mehr did a great job finding us our house to buy and then selling it for us this year when we decided to move up! Her style is to be admired, and she is a very honest and forthright realtor. When she thinks something is not right- she tells you, even if by doing so she creates more work for herself! I think that is why she has been so successful as a broker for so many years. She has great suggestions for handy people, and she knows the neighborhoods in the area like the back of her hand. I would trust NO ONE else to be my realtor.

5 joshluke4

Mehr is a pro. Trust no one but her. When I was interviewing agents to work with in the area, some of them seemed “salesmany.” Not Mehr, she educated me about the towns of Andover and North Andover, and the different benefits or cons of each particular section of town. She got me preapproved through a mortgage originator, who was just phenomenal to work with. I closed on time. I have recommended Mehr to my sister and her family, because I trust her.

5 breannaatandoverapt

Brandon & Mehr are the perfect buyer’s agents. I interviewed/spoke with all 5 of the top Agents in the Andover area before we decided to go with Brandon and Mehr, and they have been terrific to work with. First of all, we are working directly with them, and not some buyer’s agent that the “heavy hitter” realtor throws at us. Secondly, Brandon just got an offer accepted on a property 40,000 below asking – when another realtor we had been considering told us that they won’t take less than 5K !!!! I am delighted to write him this review, and will be sending him a basket when we close next month!!!!

5 joanie mcateer

Mehr found me and my husband the perfect home. too bad we have to move this year! I remember she worked with us for months and never grew tired, and when it came time to put an offer, negotiated the price of the house down to less than what we wanted. we are selling this year, and look forward to working with her and brandon on that aspect of the real estate process. i am very happy with the service that i have received throughout the years from mehr.

5 cathy roche

Brandon is the best broker. He is very thoughtful, kind, and listens closely to your needs. In my initial meeting with him, he had some very specific questions about the areas which we had been planning to live. We were considering Winchester, Acton, & Carlisle, but eventually decided to settle in on Andover where he found us the house that fit our exact needs. We will be doing more business with him in the future.

5 htriscoli

Brandon just saved me from making the worst mistake of my life! My husband saw a place in Andover that he thought would be a good investment. Not being from the area, it seemed like a perfect house. After we came back to see it with Brandon he pointed out why it would be a TERRIBLE idea to buy it, (the location, the termite damage, and the ballooning due to the septic!) Brandon has been patient with our home search over the past 2 months and he continues to be, because he wants to make sure we make the best decision. He really cares.

5 saralyons3

Mehr sold my house before my husband and I moved up to the seacoast. My daughter just got married, and I connected her and our son in law with Brandon to look for a house either in Winchester or in Concord. Mehr is an admirable person, and she especially brings her fine taste to everything she does. It is why she has been going strong for all of these years. You know that you will be taken care of with her. She pays attention to the details that the other people do not, and that is why you are at an advantage with her representing you.

5 a kohl2

My husband and I relocated to Andover from Dallas, TX and we have been working with Brandon Tabassi for the past two months to find the perfect home. After viewing about 2 dozen properties, we finally found the perfect place. We were so excited we couldn’t contain ourselves. Brandon wrote a very impressive offer (he knows all the tricks of the trade) and got the house for us at the price we wanted to pay. He recommended a lawyer and inspector to us who have both been wonderful. I am so excited to move in to my new house , thanks Brandon!!

5 sara bennet

Mehr sold my home and she did a fantastic job. When she had her caravan agent tour, there were more than 40 cars in the street- she got everyone to see it!! She had an open house for us every weekend for a month until we got the offer we wanted. I will always remember her tenacious dealings, and the way she fought to get me the most bucks !! Her tough negotiations got us more than my wife or myself thought my house was worth . Will definitely recommend . She delivers , for sure !

5 dalia lane

Mehr sold my townhouse in Andover some years ago. She is great. Thoughtful and meticulous. Everything was very carefully planned out, and executed including the time to list, the day to list, the time to have an open house, what furniture to have out during the open house, just very minute details that at the time seemed small, but I know led to our home selling and selling quick. She was on top of her game throughout the whole thing and I would definitely recommend her if someone asked.

5 ryan snope

Mehr Tabassi is my realtor for life!!! I have loyalty towards her because she has loyalty towards me. When we were moving up from our little 2 bedroom to our “mcansion” in the suburbs, we relied on Mehr to make it happen, and she did!!! Did a great job selling the home, quick, fast, easy. She timed everything just right to close simultaneously with our purchase and then brought my (newborn son at the time) the cutest baby basket. Thanks Mehr for your kindness!

5 lauren shaw8

Mehr is a professional realtor in every sense of the word. She did everything that we asked of her, and she went above and beyond to make sure our property sells, and that it sells for the price and terms that we want. She guided us through all of the forms that we would need to sign (there were just so many of them) and then held our hand when we needed them. She is currently getting our house ready to put on the market in the spring. Look forward to working with her again.

5 j kagan9

Mehr is the best realtor in the area. Full Stop. Complete sentence. She sold our house for more than we thought many years ago and she helped my son buy an apartment in the area, and negotiated it down to 40,000 under the asking. I think what distinguishes her from other realtors is the effort and time she puts in to really helping her clients and to really making sure they are happy. All of her suggestions when she was selling were spot on. She is great. She really is.

5 susan santos6

Mehr Tabassi is the veteran realtor of the Andover area, and she has been in the business for many, many years. She sold our home years ago and Brandon just helped my daughter in law and son find the home of their dreams in Lexington this past January. Very thoughtful, kind people, who do an amazing job. Always on top of thing, know the real estate process inside and out. This whole experience could not have been any better..

5 sophia larsen3

We have been looking with Brandon for a place to buy in Andover for the past 3 months and we had our offer recently accepted on the most adorable little ranch. All of the advice he gave us about the type of offer to write was spot on. We beat out 4 other offers, and got the one and only house that we actually truly fell in love with. Brandon gave us so many ideas about how to redo the place, and his eye for design and opportunity is one of a kind. We have the best realtor and couldn’t be happier to close on our house next month.

5 r flag

Brandon did a great job finding us a house. My wife and my daughter moved here from Europe last year and we were searching for the right Realtor. We found Brandon and could not be happier with our choice. He is very patient, and has a lot of real estate knowledge. He is not like any other real estate agent that I have met- he is very honest, and has deep insight, and market knowledge. His market knowledge led to us finding the right house for ourselves, and are so excited to move in.

5 linda sang

Brandon Tabassi is the best relocation broker I have had. I have moved many times, with several corporations, with which I have worked with several relo companies and brokers. Brandon tops the list for obvious reasons: his professionalism, his attention to detail, his promptness to respond, market knowledge, and knowledge of the real estate process. It really was a pleasure to be a client of his, and I know that I will be seeing his name in many high places.

5 m turf

Brandon is the best. Deep, valuable insight and knowledge of the market. In fact, he is the only realtor that I have met who actually provides VALUE in the process. Navigated us through different areas and neighborhoods. told us his true opinion and not that of some salesman. Successfully negotiated inspection items. If I had to do it over again, I would pick Brandon to represent me every single time, and anyone reading this should to.

5 jimkelly38

Brandon Tabassi is the best broker. Hands down. His negotiation skills, clarity, attention to the smallest of details, and smooth ease and command of the process makes him the best broker. He got me the best price, best terms, best deal I think was possible for the house that my wife and I wanted. If it weren’t for his quick thinking, and knowledge of real estate rules and contracts, we would not have gotten the house and the deal and for that we will always be thankful.

5 julianking7

My realtor for selling my house in Andover was Brandon Tabassi. I could not be more pleased with his level of service and his care and attention to me, his client. He truly cared about what was right for me in the selling process, and suggested we wait several weeks to “time” our house just right to be introduced saying we would lose “momentum” if we don’t. The result could not have been any better.

5 l cross51

Brandon did a great job at selling my Andover townhouse over the asking price, in one weekend, and with excellent terms. Because of his aggressive negotiating skills, we had multiple offers, and all of them ended up waiving the inspection contingency. this really helped because once the purchase contract was signed we knew we were free to purchase our next home down south. He took care of everything while we already had moved. I truly would not even think about hiring a different broker.

5 b flan

Brandon got us the highest price I think was possible for our house in North Andover. It was ultimately a hassle free thing, selling our house, even though the last time we tried to sell and couldn’t (with another broker), everything seemed so complicated. It really makes a difference who your broker is and i felt comfortable knowing that the two best realtors in the area were out there advocating for me and my family. A+ photographer, A+ stager, and A+ marketing. I would use Brandon and Mehr again in a heartbeat.

5 ryan leris

Exceeded all of my expectations. Quick, efficient, savvy. Didn’t think I would find someone like this outside of a major city, but I did. Everything he said he would do – he did to. Brought me multiple offers within a couple days of listing the house. Really understood the psychology of buyers, and how to sell my house to them. Coordinated everything with our attorney, and overall, could not have done a better job.

5 lillyweitz

Honest guy. Delivers. I’ve bought and sold many homes in the past 40 years, but I will say that I have never trusted a real estate agent as much as I have brandon. He is incredibly hard working- answered my calls and emails late at night and early in the morning. I remember he had answered an email at 4:30 am once, and 5 am a different time. Great recommendation for lawyer he gave me also. I would send him all the business I could, and would always work with him again.

5 ren ryo

I couldn’t be happier with Brandon and Mehr. I also could not have gotten this property were it not for their help and their support. They recommended a great lawyer that was thorough, and their entire team made the home purchasing process fast, smooth, and easy. I really do trust them and feel that they cared about me and my family more than being focused on the “deal.”I would recommend them to my friends and family, and all the success in the world.

5 susan blanch

Power broker professionals with an eye for making a deal. Sold my investment property with them in under a month. They handled everything even after I moved. The legal, the smoke (fire dept) inspection, everything. The money was just wired to my account after the closing date. Did not bother with showings, sold the property at the open house. Took great professional pictures, which we will now always have. Thank you for making this as painless as possible.

5 nicholas burk

Mehr helped me purchase my dream home. She helped me with every step of the purchase process , from selecting a lender, to attorney , to inspector. She diligently guided me in making an offer, and my offer was accepted over several others. She then helped me renegotiate based on inspection results. I would not have asked for a better realtor to help me in this, because I don’t believe there is one

5 n li4

Brandon does good work. Scratch that. Great work. We were very aggressively looking , and when the right home popped up, he helped us get our offer accepted even before the open house. He quickly sent comps, and helped us decide what the right value for the home would be (and is). Everything went smoothly from start to finish and the whole thing was a breeze.

5 adriansarasae

Brandon and his team did a fantastic job and went above and beyond to handle every aspect of a home purchase for me and my family. They negotiated the price of our home, the terms of the contract, and introduced us to great inspector and attorneys. They handled every single aspect of the deal from when the house went into escrow, and we had a smooth and easy closing. I would recommend Brandon and his team to all.

5 michaellentz23

Very difficult to secure something in this market – but I DID!!!! – thanks to Brandon and his team. I was searching for a few months and kept getting outbid. I felt that my original realtor was just not quick enough. Then I read the select list of Brokerages and decided to reach out to Brandon. As soon as I spoke with him I knew I wanted him to represent me. My instincts were right. The first offer I put with Brandon, I DID NOT GET OUTBID – I GOT THE CONDO, even though they said there were higher offers than mine on the table! The appraisal came in 10,000 higher than the condo also. Great work.

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